“Infrastructure”: Exhibition at the Bauhaus Dessau

As part of the “Bauhaus Fiktional” series, I spent the summer in one of the Meisterhäuser in Dessau. Together with Alexis Lowry, who curated the works of Charlotte Posenenske, the result of my “residency” can be seen on the Meisterhäuser grounds until April 10, 2022. 

From the exhibition brochure: “Bajohr has researched historical documents relating to the Masters' Houses – such as inventories, cost statements, rental agreements and legal correspondence – in his residence in Dessau; he is interested in the archival level of the infrastructure. He has transformed this collected textual material through appropriation and certain textual procedures (such as restructuring the textual material according to conjunctions) into posters with a serial character that are posted outside the master houses, where they refer to the normally invisible historical background of the houses."

More about the exhibition in the Bauhaus website; an interview with me can be found here

Photo: © Yvonne Tenschert