New Shklar volume: Über Ungerechtigkeit (German)

The German translation of Judith Shklar's Faces of Injustice as Über Ungerechtigkeit. Erkundungen zu einem moralischen Gefühl – which I edited – was just published by Matthes & Seitz, Berlin. You can order the book here .

From the publisher's description:

What is injustice, what is misfortune? In her groundbreaking investigation, philosopher Judith Shklar investigates an underestimated political problem.
“The difference between misfortune and injustice frequently involves our willingness and our capacity to act or not to act on behalf of the victims, to blame or to absolve, to help, mitigate, and compensate – or to just turn away.”

Judith Shklar shows that the distinction between misfortune and injustice is mutable: what was a misfortune a hundred years ago, such as a famine, is an injustice today because there are means to prevent it. Instead of constructing ideal theories, Shklar asks us to listen to the victim‘s voice. They articulate a sense of injustice that is not accounted for in positive theories of justice. Philosophy has far too rarely thought about injustice and has considered it, if at all, only in the rearview mirror of its theories of justice. Shklar's explorations of this moral sense change that and show how consequential the sense of injustice is for the notion of a liberal state and the lives of its citizens.