New 0x0a project: Weisheit und Wiederholung (Wisdom and Repetition) (German)

Cover Weisheit und WiederholungDas Buch im Schnelldurchlauf“And” connects and separates, coordinates and keeps at a distance. Yet the relationship between two terms coupled by “and” remains ambivalent, can express both togetherness and opposition. Perhaps because of this vagueness, they are popular as titles especially for major philosophical-literary works: Sein und Zeit, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft, Kritik und Krise, Mohn und Gedächtnis.

But is that all? What about Mohn und Zeit, Wirtschaft und Kritik, Sein und KriseMuch remains to be done for future discourse giants. The compendium Wisdom and Repetition gathers the titles of 104,052 books still to be written: a to-do list of intellectual self-employment, created by all possible permutations of the books collected by Hendrikje Schauer and Marcel Lepper in Titelpaare (Works & Nights, 2018).

The book for download and some background info on 0x0a. Buy it here (German).