New book: History, Metaphors, Fables: A Hans Blumenberg Reader

I am exceedingly happy to announce that the fruit of several years of shared work has just been published. Together with Florian Fuchs and Joe Paul Kroll, I have edited History, Metaphors, Fables: A Hans Blumenberg Reader. It came out with Cornell University Press, on occasion of Blumenberg’s 100th birthday. Here’s the table of contents.

Description: “History, Metaphors, Fables collects the central writings by Hans Blumenberg and covers topics such as on the philosophy of language, metaphor theory, non-conceptuality, aesthetics, politics, and literary studies. This landmark volume demonstrates Blumenberg’s intellectual breadth and gives an overview of his thematic and stylistic range over four decades. Blumenberg’s early philosophy of technology becomes tangible, as does his critique of linguistic perfectibility and conceptual thought, his theory of history as successive concepts of reality”, his anthropology, or his studies of literature. History, Metaphors, Fables allows readers to discover a master thinker whose role in the German intellectual post-war scene can hardly be overestimated.”

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