New book: Ad Judith N. Shklar

Today is the publication date of Ad Judith N. Shklar: Werk – Leben – Gegenwart, co-written by Rieke Trimçev and me, with Europäische Verlagsanstalt.

From the description:

Judith N. Shklar is regarded as the most important theorist of liberalism in the 20th century; in her native America, she stands on equal footing with greats such as Hannah Arendt and John Rawls. Known above all for the concept of the “liberalism of fear”, her work is far more diverse, encompassing studies in the history of ideas no less than reflections on injustice and citizenship.
“Ad Judith Shklar” tackles the thinker in all her complexity and in three stages: A detailed biography of her work provides a comprehensive overview of her life and work; it tells the story of Shklar’s flight as an emigrant during the Second World War and the difficulties she faced as a woman in her academic career.
Under the heading “Judith Shklar today”, the second part examines the topicality of her thinking using the example of three pressing issues: How can the voices of victims of unequally distributed power be heard and represented in a liberal democracy? How must the concept of political injustice be recalibrated in the context of the climate crisis? And how can the current issues of flight, migration and integration be understood with Shklar’s political theory?
A detailed bibliography, which is essential for studying her work, concludes the volume.





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