New Book: Schreiben in Distanz

My Hildesheim poetics lecture, which I delivered in November 2022, has just been published as a book (in German). It deals with digital literature as “writing at a distance,” with the public sphere of half-published writing, and with the question of what kind of literature is possible with AI.

It also contains two additional texts on digital literature: The essay “Pathos, Vektoren, Nebel” (Pathos, Vectors, Fog) – already published in EDIT in 2022 – about the question of whether pathos is programmable; and the original essay “Text und Buch” (Text and Book), in which I consider the hylemorphic assumption – the conviction that texts are forms and books are substances.

Jenifer Becker has written (had generated) a beautiful foreword. The book is freely available under the Creative Commons 4.0 license, but can also be purchased from Hildesheim University Press. Click here to download (if you read German).